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August 10, 20234 MIN READ

📢2023 LCK Summer Finals Event with LCK LEGENDARIES

<8/14 (Mon.) 2023 LCK Summer Finals Ticket Application Event Winners Announcement>

*Note: There are a total of 16 winners for the 8/20 Sunday finals tickets. After selecting the initial 15 winners for the finals tickets, we found that two individuals did not provide accompanying person information. As a result, we have drawn one more winner. We have taken this action to allow as many people as possible to attend the finals. Thank you for your understanding.

👉 Announcement of Ticket Winners

2023 LCK Summer Finals - EVENT WINNERS
당첨자 (Winners) 당첨일자(Date),이름(Name),LCK 레전더리스 이메일 id(Email id)8/19(토) 최종 결승 진출전,김시*,this.is.s***@gmail.com강현*,ofhea***@naver.com곽재*,paperai***@gmail.com권민*,als5***@naver.com김경*,rsrs0***@naver.com김남*,andynam***@gmail.com김수*,sign1***@gmail.com남관*,kwanwoona***@gmail.com이준*,jace0***@naver.com

🔥 Entry Notes:

- You can choose enter for either the 8/19 (Sat) Lower Bracket Finals or the 8/20 (Sun) Grand Finals.
- The more POG tickets or Legendary cards you have, the higher your chances of winning.
- The count of POG tickets or Legendary cards will be based on the status as of 8/14 (Mon) at 12 AM. (UTC)
- You can edit your entry details until 8/14 (Mon) at 12 AM. (UTC)

🔥 Ticket Collection Guidelines:

- Tickets are available for pick-up at the LCK LEGENDARIES booth located within the DCC Daejeon Convention Center's main exhibition hall (FAN FESTA) on the match days, August 19th and 20th.
- Each winner is entitled to 2 tickets. Both the winner and their plus one must be present during collection of the tickets.
- Winners are required to show an ID for verification. Foreigners specifically need to present their PASSPORT as proof of identity.
- Only the actual winner can collect the tickets. They must have a valid ID with them. Friends or representatives cannot collect on their behalf.
- Winners will receive more detailed instructions about ticket collection through the winner announcement on both the Blog and Discord, and will receive an individual SMS notifications.

Hey there, Legends!

Exciting News for our Legends! The much-awaited 2023 LCK SUMMER SPLIT Finals is almost here. Set to take place on August 19th (Saturday) and 20th (Sunday) at the stunning DCC Daejeon Convention Center, this is an event you won't want to miss. But that's not all! Our LCK LEGENDARIES team has been hard at work, curating a series of thrilling events just for you.

Stay tuned and gear up for an unforgettable weekend!


1. 2023 Summer Lower Bracket Finals & Grand Finals Ticket Entry Event

As previously mentioned in our Play Card and POG ticket perks announcement, we're holding a ticket entry event for the 2023 LCK SUMMER FINALS, exclusively for those who own Legendary cards and POG tickets.

👉 Enter for Tickets (Finished)

Eligible participants can enter via the link below.

📍Entry Period: From 8/10 (Thurs) to 8/14 (Mon) until 12 AM. (UTC)
📍Winners: 15 for the Lower Bracket Finals (2 tickets each) / 15 for the Grand Finals (2 tickets each)
📍Winner Announcement: 8/14 (Mon) via the LCK LEGENDARIES Blog and Discord.

🎁 Prizes for Winners:

- 2 tickets (for the winner and a companion)
- Special Card Pack (exclusive to the winner)
- LCK player's signed towel (for the winner and a companion)


From August 18th (Friday) to 20th (Sunday) at the DCC Daejeon Convention Center, LCK LEGENDARIES is thrilled to be a part of the FAN FESTA extravaganza. Our booth will be buzzing with activities, and guess what? If you're one of the lucky ones with Legendary cards and or POG tickets, some exclusive perks await you.

But that's not all! Every LCK LEGENDARIES member has a golden opportunity to receive a photo postcard with LCK players' selfies. So, if you're making your way to FAN FESTA, don't forget to swing by our booth!

📍Event Period: 8/18 (Fri) to 8/20 (Sun)
📍Event Location: LCK LEGENDARIES booth inside the DCC Daejeon Convention Center's main exhibition hall (FAN FESTA)

✨ Receive Exclusive LEGENDARIES Merch for Members with Legendary Cards and POG Tickets:

  1. Visit the LCK LEGENDARIES booth
  2. Log in via our provided QR code
  3. Receive Exclusive LEGENDARIES Merch!

Legendary Card Holders :

Limited LEGENDARIES Uniform + Official LEGNDARIES Knit Scarf + Button Badges + 5 Photo Postcards (random) + LEGENDARIES Official Title

POG Card Holders :

Official LEGNDARIES Knit Scarf + Button Badges + 3 Photo Postcards (random) + LEGENDARIES Official Title

📸 Exclusive "LCK Players' Photo Postcard Event" Alert!

All LCK LEGENDARIES members can login and show us their ID at the LCK LEGENDARIES booth and participate in an event to receive a photo postcard of an LCK player. And guess what? These aren't just any postcards, they're with exclusive player selfies! These will be handed out randomly, so it's all a part of the thrill. Don't miss out! Come join the fun and grab your favorite player's postcard!

See you at the FINALS 🙌


Thank you.