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November 9, 20232 MIN READannouncement

Announcing the 3rd LCK Cheer Pack Event & Gwanghwamun Fan Fest Details

Hey, Legends!

We're excited to announce the 3rd Sale of LCK Cheer Pack and a series of exciting events to go with it. We're gearing up for a special booth setup at the Gwanghwamun Fan Fest from Novenmber 16th to 19th, in conjunction with the LCK Shop. For more details, please read on below.
Let's get the ball rolling!

Event 1. Lucky Draw for Purchasers of LCK Cheer Pack

    • Eligibility : Automatic entry for all users who purchase the 3rd LCK Cheer Pack
    • Winner Announcement : November 27th (Monday) on the official website and Discord
    • Prizes :
      • Special Photocards Complete Pack (Including 54 cards featuring Gen.G Final Photocards, 2 winners)
      • Regular Photocards Complete Pack (Including 54 cards featuring T1 Final Photocards, 2 winners)
      • LCK LEGENDARIES Photocard Binder (10 winners)
    • Please Note
      • Instructions for entering personal information to receive the prize will be announced after the winner is declared.
      • The more LCK Cheer Packs you purchase, the higher your chances of winning.

Event 2. Appreciation Rewards for 1st and 2nd LCK Cheer Pack Purchasers

    • Eligibility : 1st & 2nd LCK Cheer Pack purchasers
    • Prizes :
      • All 1st & 2nd pack purchasers : 5% cashback in eLC used on the purchase
      • Exclusive to those who spent over 1000 LC in total : An LCK LEGENDARIES Photocard Binder plus 5 packs of the 3rd Special Photocard Pack
    • Please Note
      • eLC rewards are provided to the first decimal place.
      • eLCs will be credited during the morning of November 10th (Friday).
      • The Photocard Binder and the 3rd Special Photocard Pack are scheduled for sequential delivery after November 20th.

Event 3. Gwanghwamun Fan Fest Event

    • Dates : November 16th to 19th
    • Location : LCK LEGENDARIES section within the LCK Shop booth at Gwanghwamun Fan Fest
    • Details :
      • The first 25 visitors daily receive an LCK LEGENDARIES Photocard Binder (One per account upon purchase of the 90LC 3rd LCK Cheer Pack, no multiple receipts)
      • On-site collection of Special Photopack available for 3rd LCK Cheer Pack purchasers (First postal dispatch scheduled after November 20th, with priority on-site collection available)
      • For those who purchuase the 3rd sale of LCK Cheer pack, you'll get a 5% discount coupon to use at Gwanghwamun pop-up store and LoL Park LCK Shop. (You can apply this discount on top of other ongoing promotions)
      • A free regular photocard from the LCK LEGENDARIES Special Photopack with a certain amount spent at the LCK Shop (Refer to future LCK Shop announcements for details)