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July 19, 20233 MIN READevent

🎁 Unlock Special Rewards and eLC with Your Legendary Card: Participate in Exciting Events Now!

✨ If you are you a member of LCK LEGENDARIES 【10 eLC Login Gift Event】

  • Event Period: July 19, 9 AM ~ July 26, 9 AM (KST)
  • 10 eLC Recipients: All users who have registered by July 19, 9 AM (KST)
  • Unused eLC Retrieval Time: July 26, 9 AM (KST)

✅ 10 eLC to everyone who registered by July 19, 9 AM.
✅ However, if you don't use it by July 26, 9 AM (KST), the given eLC will be retrieved.
✅ You can check your acquired eLC at LCK LEGENDARIES Main > Profile > eLC.

✨ Log in daily and get the rewards! 【eLC Random Box Event】

✨ Showcase your achievement with a 3D hologram! 【Legendary Card Display Event】

  • Event Period: July 19 ~ July 24, 12 PM (KST)
  • Recipients: Users who have acquired a Legendary Card during the event period
  • Rewards: 1) Display of a 3D hologram video of the Legendary Card with your nickname at LoL Park
  • After the LoL Park event ends, the displayed 3D hologram video will be edited and provided via email
  • LoL Park 3D Hologram Display Period: July 26 ~ July 30
  • Request Link: https://forms.gle/LmEhuHMkiqZthxwGA

✅ A 3D hologram will only be made if you acquire a Legendary Card during the event period.
✅ The creation of a 3D hologram video is only possible with only one Legendary Card that you own, and this card must be set as your front-runner card. (If the card you've applied for is currently for sale, creation will not be possible.)
✅ Once the display event ends, we'll shoot an email to the address you used when you signed up for LCK LEGENDARIES. And don't worry, we'll send this even if you opted out of marketing emails.

✨ Get a Legendary Card in July for a 【Guaranteed 10 eLC Reward】

  • Event Period: July 19 ~ July 31, 9 AM (KST)
  • Recipients: Users who have acquired a Legendary Card during the event period
  • Reward and Distribution Schedule: 10 eLC will be distributed all at once after July 31, 9 AM (KST).

✅ No matter how many Legendary Cards you have, the reward will be given out just once per account.

✨【Road to Legendary Pack】

  • Sale Period: July 19, 12 PM ~ July 26, 12 PM (KST)
  • Price: 10 LC
  • Contents: You'll have the chance to randomly get either 3 Common cards or a mix of 1 Rare + 2 Common cards.

✅ This is a special pack that is on sale for a week to celebrate the release of the Legendary Card.
✅ For more detailed pack information, please check the link below.
[Go to the Road to Legendary Pack]

✨ Here's something you need to know! 【Legendary Cards Perks Guide】

  • ⭐Provide entry for the 2023 LCK Summer Finals ticket draw⭐
  • Special goods provided when offline events are held
  • eLC will be rewarded according to the number of Legendary Cards held on the 1st of every month until December 3
    - If you own 1~9 Legendary Cards: 10eLC
    - If you own 10~19 Legendary Cards: 100eLC
    - If you own 20~29 Legendary Cards: 200eLC
    - And the rewards increase similarly for each subsequent tier!
  • In addition, we're offering perks like '@23 Legendary' role every Monday and exclusive giveaway event benefits when you link to the official Discord.
  • Various other online and offline perks to enjoy.

✅ For a more detailed, please check the link below.
[View Legendary Card Perks Details]