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June 6, 20232 MIN READ

🎁 Link your Discord account and enjoy the benefits!

Hey there, Legends!

We would like to provide you with instructions on how to link your LCK LEGENDARIES service with your Discord account. Additionally, we would like to introduce two limited-time account linking events that are currently ongoing.

Linking Your Discord Account

There are two methods to link your account:

The first method is to use the #link-account channel within the LCK LEGENDARIES Discord community. By clicking the link-account button in the channel, you will be redirected to the linking page, where you can log in to your LCK LEGENDARIES service and complete the linking process.

The second method is to navigate to the 'Discord Link' button in the collection menu of the LCK LEGENDARIES service. After clicking the button, you can log in to your Discord account and proceed with the linking process.

Benefits of Linking Your Discord Account

  • Card Showcase Command (/showoff)

After completing the account linking process, you can use the /showoff command within the Discord community to showcase and brag about the cards and collection you own to other users. However, this command does not allow you to retrieve card and collection information of other users.

  • Tutorial Mission (Achieve Discord Level 5)

There are tutorial missions that can be completed through Discord account linking. By reaching Discord Level 5, you can obtain a title reward within the LCK LEGENDARIES service.

  • eLC Rewards Acquisition

You can acquire eLC through various events held on Discord. During the pre-registration period, users who obtained FAM, Legend Coach role, and other rewards through events will receive eLC as a reward. Please note that your Discord account must be linked to the LCK LEGENDARIES service in order to receive eLC rewards. In the future, remember that account linking is mandatory for receiving eLC rewards in Discord events.

🎁  To celebrate the BETA opening, two Discord account linking events will be held from June 7th to June 11th, until 0:00 AM UTC. Make sure to join the official LCK LEGENDARIES Discord and receive rewards after completing the account linking process!

Discord Account Linking Event 1)

Discord Account Linking Event 2)

Thank you.