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June 9, 20233 MIN READannouncement

📢 POG Ticket Products and Benefits Guide

Hey there, legends!

With the opening of the LCK LEGENDARIES beta service on June 7th, the 2023 LCK Summer Split has begun. Various digital collectibles products have been released, and more products will be revealed in the future. Among them, there are products that are being sold in real-time in conjunction with LCK matches.

These are the POG Tickets.

Today, we have prepared information on what POG Tickets are and what special benefits they offer, apart from the exchange for POG Cards.

1. What are POG Tickets?

At the end of each set in every LCK match, a Player Of the Game (POG) is selected. At that point, the sale of limited quantities of POG Tickets, totaling 99 tickets, begins. If they are sold out within 12 hours, the early sale may end. Even if not all POG Tickets are sold within the time limit, the sale will not be extended. In other words, only the number of POG Tickets sold will determine the number of POG Cards released, making them extremely special.

POG Tickets are provided in the form of tickets with the profile picture of the respective POG player. Before the release of the 2023 LCK Summer Season Pack, it is possible to exchange the POG Tickets for POG Cards on a 1:1 basis. POG Tickets exchanged for POG Cards cannot be traded on the marketplace anymore.

2. Do POG Cards have tiers?

Among the questions many people have been curious about is, "What tier are POG Cards?" POG Cards are special cards that differ from PLAY CARDS, which have tiers.

  • Play Cards: These are cards with a fixed quantity for the entire season and are divided into four tiers (Common, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary), each with its own OVR. The cards included in the currently available Starter Pack, PRM Pack, and the upcoming 2023 Spring R1 Pack are play cards.
  • Special Cards: These are cards where the quantity for each card can vary, and they do not have the tiers of play cards or an assigned OVR. POG Cards are special cards, and their tier is "POG." We are also preparing various other special cards besides POG Cards.

3. What benefits can be enjoyed with POG Tickets this season?

POG Tickets not only provide the basic benefit of acquiring POG Cards but also offer special online/offline benefits that can be enjoyed during this season.

The detailed benefits are as follows. (*Play cards benefits and events will be announced soon.)

  • Basic Benefits
You can exchange one POG Ticket for one POG Card on a 1:1 basis. (The POG Card exchanged will be the same as the player featured on the POG Ticket.) The scenes on the POG Card will feature ALL the POG highlights from the LCK broadcasts.
  • Additional Benefits
In addition to exchanging POG Tickets for POG Cards, POG Tickets allow participation in offline booth events and offer additional benefits held during the 2023 LCK Summer Split. Special content and services will also be provided.
  1. Participation in the offline booth event and merchandise giveaways during the 2023 LCK Summer regular season. (Schedule to be announced later)
  2. Eligibility to enter the ticket raffle for the 2023 LCK Summer Split finals. (The more POG Tickets from the regular season and playoffs you possess, the higher the chances of winning. Details on how to enter and the schedule will be announced later)
  3. Participation in the offline booth event and merchandise giveaways during the 2023 LCK Summer Split finals.
  4. Every Tuesday, an email will be sent with pictures of the POG players you purchased, along with their digital autographs. (e.g. When purchasing POG tickets in week 1, you can expect to receive an email on the Tuesday when week 3 matches start.)
  5. When purchasing the first POG Ticket during the 2023 LCK Summer season, a CUSTOM SKIN for the MY COLLECTION page will be provided. (This feature will be updated during this season, and it will not be provided for tickets obtained through marketplace trades)
  6. If you are the first to purchase a POG Ticket, you will receive an @23 Summer POG role on the Discord community and be eligible to participate in an exclusive giveaway event. (The role can be permanently kept)

POG Tickets from LCK LEGENDARIES offer a new way to enjoy the league in real-time and show support for LCK teams and players.

We kindly ask for your continued interest, and please leave valuable feedback on our official Discord. LCK LEGENDARIES will continue to strive for the development and continuity of the LCK league in a better direction.

Thank you.