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August 29, 20232 MIN READannouncement

📢 September Major Updates: What's coming NEXT

Hey Legends,
Can you believe it's already the last week of August? As we bid farewell to summer, we also goodbye to our first ever LCK LEGENDARIES Series, the 23 Spring Series. Sales for this series will conclude this week. But don't worry, we have exciting new updates coming in September.

Introducing the 22 Spring Series

Starting September 1st, we're launching the much-anticipated 22 Spring Series. Relive the highlights of the 22 Spring Season and collect, enjoy, and quest through legendary plays that set the stage on fire last spring.

  • 3 types of Regular Packs
Sale Period: September 1, 3 AM (UTC) to October 3, 3 AM (UTC)
Standard Pack: 25 LC for 5 Common Cards
Elite Pack: 35 LC for 2 Rare Cards + 3 Common Cards
Premium Pack: 60 LC for 1 Super Rare Card + 2 Common Cards
  • Legendary Pack
Sale Period: Until sold out
Price: 100 KEY for 1 Legendary Card
  • Team Packs
Sale Period: September 1, 3 AM (UTC) ~ September 7, 3 AM (UTC)
Details: Choose from 10 different teams and receive cards exclusively from the selected team.
Price: 15 LC for 3 cards, 45 LC for 10 cards
  • Quest Packs
Starting September 7, new packs will be released weekly.

22 Spring Quests

Starting September 1st, quests for all seasons and all levels will be released simultaneously. You can enjoy these alongside the quests from the 23 Spring Season.

23 Summer POG Cards

Later in September, we'll be introducing an update that allows you to exchange your 23 Summer POG tickets for POG cards on a 1:1 basis. These cards are extremely rare, as they will only be produced in quantities matching the number of POG tickets you've purchased.

Use these POG cards to boost your roster deck and elevate your TPS score. Expect some significant shifts in the roster rankings once these cards are released!

Only those who have purchased POG tickets after the end of the 2023 LCK Summer League games are eligible for a 1:1 exchange for POG cards. Please note that once exchanged, POG tickets can no longer be traded in the marketplace.


Payback Event : Continuing through September, following the same format as it did in August. Based on your LC usage, you'll be categorized into one of four tiers, and you'll receive eLC rewards + Discord perks the following month.

My Roster Event : Continuing through September, but will take place after the introduction of POG cards. So stay tuned!

Daily eLC Random Box : Later in September, the rewards will be updated!

Don't miss out on these exciting updates and rewards, we're so excited for what's to come and hope you are too!