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October Update Preview
Hey Legends, Let's dive right into the preview of the October Update! 📌 Intorducing 『LCK Cheer Pack』 & 『2023 LCK Player Special Card』 Event 📍 LCK Cheer Pack (Digital Cards) In anticipation of the International Competition this October, we're thrilled to introduce the 'LCK Cheer Pack' on October 19th to root for the victory of LCK teams. This pack contains digital cards from the 2022 Spring, Summer, and 2023 Spring series of the four teams (GEN, T1, KT, DK) participating in the 2023 Inter
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📢 September Major Updates: What's coming NEXT
Hey Legends, Can you believe it's already the last week of August? As we bid farewell to summer, we also goodbye to our first ever LCK LEGENDARIES Series, the 23 Spring Series. Sales for this series will conclude this week. But don't worry, we have exciting new updates coming in September. Introducing the 22 Spring Series Starting September 1st, we're launching the much-anticipated 22 Spring Series. Relive the highlights of the 22 Spring Season and collect, enjoy, and quest through legendar
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📢 Aug 17 Update: 『Set Effects』 and 『POG Card Booster Feature』 for My Roster
Hey there, Legends! On August 17th, an update will be applied to the My Roster feature. In this announcement, we will provide more detailed information about how the TPS score is calculated, the POG card's booster feature, the roster set effects, and how the ranking system operates. My Roster Score: TPS Calculation Method My Roster Score, known as [TPS], stands for Team Power Score, and it represents the roster score of each team you are currently managing. You can operate up to three teams
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📢 Announcing Major Updates Coming in August
Hello Legends, It's been about two months since the beta opening of LCK LEGENDARIES. During this time, we've been listening closely to your voices through Discord and social channels, and carefully checking various opinions and ideas. We sincerely thank all the Legends who have spoken up. We've humbly accepted all your words and whippings, and we've been thinking hard about how to improve our service. In particular, the August update will be a significant milestone for LCK LEGENDARIES. After t
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📢 Guide to LEGENDARY Tier Cards and Locking System
[July 12th Updated Version] Hey there, legends! Are you enjoying collecting LCK Play Cards with LCK LEGENDARIES? Today, I'd like to introduce you to the highest-tier ✨LEGENDARY cards and the ✨locking system. Legendary cards, which are extremely rare in terms of quantity and variety, are scheduled to be released on July 19th. The method of acquiring them differs slightly from other grades of play cards. Please follow along as I provide more detailed information! 👋 💬 Introduction t
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