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Announcement of Winners for the LCK Awards Ticket Entry Event
2023 LCK Awards Schedule * Date : Wednesday, December 13, at 7:00 PM (KST) * Location : Gwangmyeong IVEX STUDIO Hey, this is LCK LEGENDARIES. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the 2023 LCK Awards Ticket Entry Event. Congratulations to the winners! Please ensure that you read the following important notices related to your win. And now, we will now announce the event winners. šŸŽ‰ Announcement of Winners for the 2023 LCK Awards Ticket Application Event šŸŽ‰
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Legends Never Die - T1 Championship Ed. Pack Contents & Photocard Info
Hey, Legends! We're excited to announce the special release of the T1 victory celebrating Pack in honor of T1's triumph this year. Embark on T1's sparkling journey this year with the Legends Never Die - T1 Pack. Here's what you can find in each pack: * 15 LC Pack: Comes with 3 digital cards. * 45 LC Pack: Comes with 10 digital cards. * 90 LC Pack (Limited to 200): Comes witg 20 digital cards, with 1 T1 Championship Edition Photocard. 90LC Limited Edition T1 Championship Photocard Details:
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Announcing the 3rd LCK Cheer Pack Event & Gwanghwamun Fan Fest Details
Hey, Legends! It's LCK LEGENDARIES. We're excited to announce the 3rd Sale of LCK Cheer Pack and a series of exciting events to go with it. We're gearing up for a special booth setup at the Gwanghwamun Fan Fest from Novenmber 16th to 19th, in conjunction with the LCK Shop. For more details, please read on below. Let's get the ball rolling! Event 1. Lucky Draw for Purchasers of LCK Cheer Pack * Eligibility : Automatic entry for all users who purchase the 3rd LCK Cheer Pack * Winner Anno
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Get Ready for Round Three: LCK Cheer Pack!
Hey Legends! The first and second rounds of LCK Cheer Packs have sold out! The first round sold out in just 4 minutes, and the second in 6 minutes, showing how hot the response has been! Did you manage to snag the cards you wanted? Still haven't got the player card you've been chasing? Don't worry! We still have the third round of sales to go šŸ¤— We're here to give you a sneak peek at the eagerly anticipated details of the third sale's lineup. This time, besides the regular/special photo cards,
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Announcing the 3rd Sale of the LCK Cheer Pack on Nov. 10th
Hey, Legends! Greetings from LCK LEGENDARIES. 1st & 2nd LCK Cheer Packs: Sold Out in Minutes! A massive shoutout to our incredible community! Both the 1st and 2nd LCK Cheer Packs have been completely sold out. The first batch sold out in just 4 minutes and, despite increasing our stock, the second batch was gone in 6 minutes. The moment we released these packs, our servers went down, which reflected your incredible enthusiasm. We're genuinely taken aback by the overwhelming response. From the
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